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Every year we host a Farm to Flavor tasting event, open to the public, to celebrate the best varieties of the season. Over 300 people attended our annual Farm to Flavor Dinner on September 26, 2018. The dinner is a celebration of organic plant breeding and local food, featuring dishes from several of Madison’s premier chefs.

We also participate in open houses at the West Madison and Spooner Agricultural Research Stations that include the display gardens and vegetable variety trials. These are usually on a saturday morning in August at the West Madison Research Station, and on a Tuesday evening in August at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station. Details for 2019 will be posted as soon as we have them!

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2019 Farm to Flavor Dinner

Every meal begins with a seed, and every agricultural seed carries a 10-thousand year legacy of co-evolution between people and plants. Plant breeders dedicate their careers to deepening this relationship, creating crops that are ever-more delicious, resilient, and well-adapted to local farms.

Join the Seed to Kitchen Collaborative for an unconventional tasting event, celebrating food biodiversity through small plates from Madison's talented chefs. Speak to plant breeders, chefs, and farmers who are involved in the project. Learn about the Seed to Kitchen Collaborative and how it is working to support and grow a resilient regional food system.

Registration fee: (Children under 10 are free)

Organizers: Seed to Kitchen Collaborative, Organic Seed Alliance
Co-Sponsors: UW-Madison Horticulture Department, Dane County Extension, Slow Food UW-Madison, Bejo Seeds, Organic Seed Alliance