For Gardeners

Gardeners can participate in many of the same trials as farmers, on a smaller scale. In addition, we have several Master Gardener groups, educational gardens and community garden groups participating in our trials.

We are in the process of planning the 2022 field season including the on-farm trials. In 2020 we were able to send out on-farm trials but were not able to conduct the research station trials due to COVID restrictions, and in 2021 we had a very limited number of on-station trials. Due to the limited amount of data from on-station trials and the expansion of our collaborative breeding project with the Organic Seed Alliance and SeedLinked, we are primarily offering trials focused on breeding new varieties for 2022.

Our trials this year include four different tomato breeding trials, a pepper breeding trial and potato trials with breeding lines from the University of Wisconsin program. We are also providing links to sign up for other crops through SeedLinked, which are run by other trialling programs in the Upper Midwest. Trial links and descriptions are listed below. We hope you will join us for 2022!

We send each farm all the seeds they need for their trial as well as stakes, a planting map and datasheets. Farmers manage the trial as they would manage their normal crop. The research station trials are managed organically, and while we prefer that farmers manage their trial without pesticides so that we get good observations on disease resistance, there is no requirement for participants to be certified organic.

We are working with Seedlinked to make on-farm trials easier and results more immediate. Trial links will take you to the SeedLinked website to complete your trial request. SeedLinked works in any web browser, on a computer or smartphone. Seedlinked also has iPhone and Android apps so that you can do trial ratings and take photos of entries on your smartphone offline, and automatically uploads data when you have a wifi connection. A benefit of using SeedLinked is that you can see all trial results as soon as you have completed the trial, rather than waiting for us to process all the data. You always have the option to collect observations on paper, but we encourage you to try the app, it makes the trials logistically much simpler for all of us!

Seed photos and non-gmo statements for organic certification will be shared on this page after we have seed prepared for shipping. All trial varieties are also planted on our certified organic land. We will also share more information about all trial varieties.

2022 Seed to Kitchen On-Farm Trial Information

Thanks everyone for the interest in our 2022 Trials! Reigstration is now closed. If you signed up for a trial, seed has been shipped.

Trial participants can find information on the trial varieties, non-GMO seed statements, seed photos, and the resources found in the seed packets below. If you have any questions, please post them in the SeedLinked feed for your trial.

  Information about 2022 on-farm trial varieties

  Trial Participant Resources

  non-GMO Statements

  Seed Photos